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Conversations / Broadcasts

Our mission through is to educate and inspire people around the world to benefit from the healing potential of structured water by utilizing technologies such as the OmniQard.

We  facilitate inspiring and educational conversations with visionaries and luminaries around the topic of water, that allows for a greater understanding and a deeper relationship with the life giving element.

 We explore the possibilities and potential that is within water and help facilitate transformational changes for the individual, the environment and the collective

Technology / OmniQards®

The OmniQard® is a small, portable, quantum resonance device that influences the water molecules in the human body to support optimal functioning in each and every cell, thereby activating our innate healing capacities.

We provide an effective, affordable and durable tool that allows for greater physical and mental wellbeing by harmonizing the water structure within the human body and the immediate surrounding field.

We aim to engage a critical mass of people and thereby bringing more harmony and coherence to the collective.


To Inspire Healing for People & Harmony for the Planet through Conversations & OmniQards® 

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By sharing wisdom, knowledge and information together with the OmniQard® technology, we aspire for greater wellbeing, harmony and coherence for the individual, our communities and the environment.

Water is Mystical

How can we reconnect a global community to the living water systems inside and outside our bodies and to recognize water as the teacher, the healer and the mirror?. “We encourage each individual to send love and gratitude with a vision of harmony and peace to the waters every time we wash our hands, take a bath or enjoy a drink. This water will travel by way of pipes, rivers and streams towards the oceans with a message of H2OPE for the planet.”

There is no such thing as pure water… pure water does not exist. It is the universal solvent and just like picking up particles and minerals in the air when it rains, it picks up the patterns of our thoughts and intentions and carries it throughout our bodies as well as into the rivers and stream. This is where the power of our thoughts, emotions and our intention can lead to a shift within humanity, by collectively refocusing on what it is that we want to create in the world. 

If we want to create harmony in the world, we have to have a relationship and be in harmony with water…it is that simple. Water is the carrier of information throughout all of life. Therefore if we bring harmony, coherence and structure to water, care for it and honor it for what is truly is, we have an opportunity to transform our planet towards peace and through collaboration, overcome the challenges of our current experience in times of uncertainty.


Governed by the Unifying Force

All life on earth is born & arises out of the waters. Science is telling us that water came from outer space and does not conform to the laws of physics and gravity. It is governed by the unifying force upholding the principles of life, nature, and the cosmos.

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“If we recognize that water can feel, we will care for it. If we understand that it is intelligent, we will learn from it.”

— Veda Austin

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